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How Ship2me works

Changes to the way we work

Following the feedback we received from our 2017 customer survey, we’ve simplified our pricing structure to make it easier for customers to choose the most appropriate delivery for their item. Our "arrange a delivery" page features 13 size-based categories. Simply choose the smallest category that your packaged item would fit into and follow the on-screen instructions. Should you wish to add more than one item to your order this option is available.

If you're looking to have something delivered that you can't match to one of our available sizes, click here to ask for a unique quote.


What you need to do...

  1. Sign up for an account with Ship2me and we will provide you with a unique customer reference number and the shipping address you need to provide the retailer when you place an order.

  2. Go to your chosen retailer’s website, or place the order with their customer services team. Be sure to use your unique customer reference number and the Ship2me shipping address as your chosen Delivery Address.

  3. Return to our website and arrange a delivery with us, telling us what items we can expect for delivery, when they are likely to arrive, and their total value.

  4. You will be provided with a competitive price for delivery to Jersey and on arrival your item(s) will be delivered to the address you entered when signing up. If your item is heavy or large we will give you a call prior to your delivery to arrange a suitable time. Please note that any quote is based solely on the information you have provided and is subject to change as per Ship2me’s terms and conditions should the item arrive any bigger or smaller then quoted for. If you have selected an option online that does not match the item we have received one of our team will be in contact to advise you how to proceed.


what can we deliver?

Here at Ship2me we aim to deliver as wide a range of items as possible. If our customers are happy then we’re happy! Some of our most popular items include smart phones, window blinds, home and garden furniture and much, much more. Unfortunately, there are some items that Ship2me is unable to deliver. These include dangerous goods, animals, plants, and currency. For a comprehensive list of undeliverable items, please click here.

In the event that we receive an item designated as dangerous goods, Ship2me may refuse the onward delivery of the item, or contact you to arrange payment of £25 to raise a DGN (Dangerous Goods Notice).

If your item is valuable, it is strongly recommended that the customer or the consignee arrange suitable goods in transit insurance for the difference, if the value of the goods exceeds the enhanced compensation levels.

Please note, Ship2me will now accept orders for the following items:

  • Fragile items containing glass or porcelain;
  • Foodstuffs; &
  • Liquids including alcohol.
  • Li-lon/Lithium batteries

Conditions apply - click here. for more details.


Heavy or large items

Please note, Ship2me are unable to deliver items over 30kg to Alderney or Sark. Ship2me will deliver the item(s) as far as Guernsey. To arrange onward shipment from Guernsey, please follow the below instructions:

For Guernsey:

  1. For very large items or items heavier than 60kg, please contact customer services prior to placing your order
  2. Guernsey Post will need to approve delivery of the item prior to shipment.

For Sark:

  1. Arrange your Ship2me order as normal.
  2. Contact Sark Shipping on +44 (0) 1481 724059 or by email
  3. Finally, contact Guernsey Post and inform them of the arrangement so they can take the item to the port for onward shipment.

For Alderney

  1. Arrange your Ship2me order as normal.
  2. Contact Alderney Shipping on +44 (0) 1481 724810 or by email
  3. Finally, contact Guernsey Post and inform them of the arrangement so they can take the item to the port for onward shipment.

Please note, the cost of onward shipment from Guernsey is not included in the amount paid to Ship2me.


Value Added tax (VAT) Information

UK retailers are not legally obliged to refund VAT for purchases made in the UK by Channel Island residents who are then exporting the items back to the Channel Islands. However, UK retailers are often willing to consider giving a retrospective VAT refund when a consumer can demonstrate that VAT has been paid on an item that has been exported from the UK to the Channel Islands.

In order to do this, certain documentation needs to be provided to the retailer and to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK.

If you would like to reclaim any VAT paid on your purchases, Ship2me may be able to assist and you should contact our Customer Service Team for further information on 0845 800 1034, or email


Goods & Services tax (GST) information

The States of Jersey Customs and Immigration Service has published a guide for private importers of goods bought online or from retailers outside of Jersey. This guide provides advice to assist in the efficient Customs clearance of these goods.

It is important that all private importers of goods from outside of the Channel Islands understand the regulations surrounding GST and the circumstances in which it is payable.

For the purposes of GST, States of Jersey Customs look at the total value of the consignment and whether the total GST and duty liabilities exceed the de minimis waiver.

The total order consignment value includes:

  • The cost of the actual item (including VAT if paid)
  • Packaging costs
  • All freighting/delivery charges from the retailer to Jersey
  • Any insurance that was purchased or included by the retailer
  • Plus any other associated Customs duties which may be applicable.

GST will be charged on the total sum of these values.

GST is currently charged for consignments exceeding £240. Please note this amount is subject to change.

To help illustrate the regulations surrounding payment of GST on imported goods, here are some example scenarios:

Example 1  
Chair £100 Including VAT
Retailer Carriage £20 Including VAT
Ship2me Carriage £7.50
Insurance £10
Total £137.50

As this total gives rise to a liability below the Jersey de-minimis level, the GST charge is waived.

Example 2 
Chairs (2) £600 Including VAT
Retailer Carriage £20 Including VAT
Ship2me Carriage £110
Insurance £10
Total £740

As this total gives rise to a charge above the Jersey de-minimis level, GST is liable at 5% of the total order value (£740). In this instance, the customer would be liable for a GST charge of £37.00.