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What our customers say

You can't improve on perfection! This service is excellent, especially when traders refuse to ship to Jersey. More importantly, this service has often undercut the cost charged by a seller. 'Why pay more when you can pay less?' This service is a great option and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

"A wonderful service that is very efficient. We have used Ship2me many times and always receive things very easily and without difficulty. The delivery drivers are very helpful and pleasant."

"People complain about S2M saying that it takes business and money away from the island. I have the opposite experience. I purchase electrical & mechanical products from from the UK for installation purposes and offer the carriage savings that I make directly to my customers."

"I was very impressed with the speed of the delivery and when the item was delivered to my home address. Well Done!"

"I was originally against the idea of Ship2me as I felt it would effect the local retailers. But I bought something from, that I simply could not get locally. I will definately be more adventurous when making another purchase from the UK in the future. I was amazed that it was so easy and now my choice is limitless"

"I think is brilliant and very easy to use, I use it all the time, even kitting out my son's entire bedroom from,  just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you"

"The reason for my email is to pass on my sincere thanks to Emma, Andreia, and Ian for their considerable help in resolving this matter... ...I am indeed very very grateful for the excellent customer service that you all provided me with. I would have been lost without assistance from you all. The attitude and helpfulness all round was truly fantastic and a credit to Jersey Post and Ship2me."

"Finally, I can get what I want from retailers that don't deliver to the islands, thank you"

"Very pleased with speed and efficiency of service. Also liked email updates, very reassuring to know where everything is. Overall, a very good service and I would certainly use it again if needed."

"Excellent service kept informed as to where parcel was"

"A1 service, thank you."

"...your service is wonderful. Your delivery staff are very polite both when delivering items to your door and when they are on the road driving. I can't fault Ship2me at all. Well done and THANK YOU!"

"First experience and it was without a hitch"

"I found the email updates vital and didn't waste my time waiting around why doesn't every delivery company do this. Site very quick and simple to navigate and when an item wasn't on site it was updated and included then contacted me quickly..."

"I have used the service a few times now to purchase items for our new home that we are currently renovating. It has so far been an efficient and reliable service and has saved us alot of money buying online. It has also eliminated the need to wait 6-8 weeks when ordering items in shops locally. I would highly recommend the service."

"Wonderful service. If possible, I buy locally but after searching for months I had to purchase from the mainland. After speaking with the retailer and Ship2me I realised how easy it was to get things delivered to my door. This is the first time I've used Ship2me and I am delighted with the efficient service I've received. Thank You."

"This was my first time using your service and I was happy with everything."

"Great service felt well looked after and any problems were quickly assessed and dealt with. Will use this delivery service again without a doubt."

"Excellent service, always kept informed of the progress so no need to chase up. I was quoted about £50 for Blinds2go to ship my blinds, you only charged £5.99. Interestingly even the blind company recommend you as a more cost effective way of sending items and are happy to refund the VAT if sending to Ship2me for onward delivery to Jersey. Thank you."


When you make a purchase from an EU or UK retailer who is unable to offer Channel Island delivery, either online, over the phone or at a shop, you need to give them your full name, followed by your unique Ship2me customer number and Ship2me UK warehouse address. These details are issued to you when you become a registered Ship2me customer and can be found by clicking on the 'My Account' button in the top right hand corner of the Ship2me website when you are logged in to the site.

Most online retailers ask for an invoice/billing address and a separate delivery address. You should use the following addresses:

  • Invoice/billing address: your usual home address
  • Delivery address: your unique Ship2me number and the Ship2me warehouse address.

Then, once you have made your purchase, you will need to log in to the Ship2me website and arrange delivery of your goods from the UK to your door using your Channel Island address.

Once your order arrives at the UK warehouse, we aim to deliver your goods to you within 3 working days. However, please note that all orders are subject to shipping times and Customs clearance.

For more complicated orders, very large orders, or orders consisting of multiple items from various retailers, we are more than happy to assist. Please contact us by emailing or by calling us on 0845 800 1034.

Registration is absolutely free!

How much you pay for your delivery is all down to the size of what you have purchased. Our pricing is based on volumetrics, i.e. how much room (in cubic metres) your ready-to-ship order takes up in our shipping container, the number of boxes it comes in and the weight of each box. Products come in all shapes and sizes and retailers have different methods and policies for packing products ready for shipping.

If you need your items stored in our warehouse this can be arranged at a fee. Please contact our customer service team to arrange this. Any items/orders that have been stored are subject to a storage fee and will not be shipped until paid.

Once your purchase arrives at our UK warehouse, we can normally deliver it to you within three working days after the day we receive it if in Jersey. However, all orders are subject to the current shipping schedules and to Customs clearance so it can take up to six working days for some items at certain times of year. Larger items will take up to a seven working days from receipt and will usually be delivered by arrangement. Items bound for Guernsey and Sark are subject to shipping availability and can only be shipped once the shipping container is full. Guernsey items which are large and require a 2 man team to deliver will need a specific delivery date arranged with Guernsey Post in order for the delivery to your address. We do try our best to ship as soon as possible and aim to have at least one sailing a week into Guernsey.

Our new track and trace facilities that will be on the site soon, in the meantime please contact us if you want an update.