How it works

Our simple pricing structure makes it easier for you to choose the most appropriate delivery for your item.
  • Sign up for a free account

    When you sign up for a ship2me account, you will be provided with a unique Customer Reference and our UK ship2me delivery address. This reference will be needed when inputting the delivery address when placing an order with your chosen retailer.
  • Go shopping

    Don’t forget to add your unique Customer Reference to the first line of the Ship2me UK delivery address along with your name so we know when your item has arrived.

Don’t know your dimensions?

Have a scroll through the list of products we offer and pick the option best suited to your item.
  • Local delivery

    By using ship2me you will be provided with a competitive price for delivery and arrival of your items.

    Our service is fully trackable so you can see when your item is on its way to you.

    If your item is too heavy we will call on the day to arrange a personal delivery at a time suitable to you.

    Please make sure you answer the order information section questions accurately to avoid delays on your order through the customs clearance process.

    If GST or duties are payable, you will be responsible for payment directly with the local customs authority.

  • Let us know what you think!

    We would love to hear from you if you received an item delivered by ship2me!

    Let us know by tagging us in your exciting home renovation posts, stories of your newest pair of sneakers or posts about your friendly delivery officer by tagging us via our social media channels @ship2me.


What do we deliver?

We aim to deliver as wide a range of items as possible.
If our customers are happy then we’re happy!
  • Smart Phones & Devices
    Delivery From £9.25
  • Garden Furniture
    Delivery From £30.75
  • Home Furniture
    Delivery From £20.50
  • Window Blinds
    Delivery From £13.50
  • Clothes
    Delivery From £9.25
  • High Value
    Delivery From £10.25
  • Gadgets & Tech
    Delivery From £10.25
  • Sports & Leisure
    Delivery From £13.50

Restricted items

We are unable to deliver
  • Bladed products
  • Animals
  • Toxic Substances

Further Information

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