Here are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

If you have not advised us to collate multiple items for your delivery, we will ship your packages as we receive them.   Therefore, if more items arrive to us after we have shipped the first one to you against your Ship2me order, you will be required to raise new orders and pay for the remaining items to be shipped to you.

We advise that, when placing an order with a retailer, you specify that you would like all items to be delivered in one package.

We charge an additional £25.00 to raise a Dangerous Goods Note (DGN) with the shipper if batteries exceed the EPL (European Transport Law) specifications set out below:

Cells and Batteries offered for transport are not subject to other provisions of this code if they meet the following:

For lithium metal or lithium alloy cell, the lithium content is not more than 1g, and for a lithium-ion cell, the watt-hour rating is not more than 20 Wh.

For a lithium metal or lithium alloy battery, the aggregate lithium content is not more than 2g, for the lithium-ion battery the watt-hour rating is not more than 100Wh. Lithium-ion batteries subject to this provision shall be marked with Watt-hour rating on the outside case, except those manufactured before 1 January 2009.

Duty is payable on all alcohol imported into the Channel Islands and is calculated based on the following criteria: 

  • Description of goods;
  • Volume per item(s) in ml;
  • Quantity of item(s); &
  • Strength (ABV %) of alcohol.

Click here for a guide outlining duty payable.

Place your order as normal, ensuring your description of the item clearly identifies it as alcohol. On arrival of your order in Jersey/Guernsey, you will be contacted to arrange payment of the duty. Once this payment has been taken your item will be released from customs and delivered as normal.

If your item exceeds 30kg it may be subject to a surcharge of £25. This surcharge does not apply to Oversized items 1,2,3 or 4.

The compensation that Ship2me offers as standard is limited under clause 30.6 of our Terms and Conditions. Please be aware that it may not fully compensate you, the customer, in the event of any loss or damage. At the point of placing your order you will be given the option of increasing the level of compensation available to you. To do this, please tick the box for enhanced compensation levels to the lessor of £750 or the value of the goods being delivered. The additional cost to you is £9.99.

Please note: it is strongly recommended that the customer or the consignee arrange suitable goods in transit insurance for the difference if the value of the goods exceeds the enhanced compensation levels.

Registration is absolutely free!

How much you pay for your delivery is all down to the size of what you have purchased. Our pricing is based on volumetrics, i.e. how much room (in cubic metres) your ready-to-ship order takes up in our shipping container, the number of boxes it comes in and the weight of each box. Products come in all shapes and sizes and retailers have different methods and policies for packing products ready for shipping.

If you need your items stored in our warehouse this can be arranged at a fee. Please contact our customer service team to arrange this. Any items/orders that have been stored are subject to a storage fee and will not be shipped until paid.

Once your purchase arrives at our UK warehouse, we can normally deliver it to you within three working days after the day we receive it if in Jersey. However, all orders are subject to the current shipping schedules and to Customs clearance so it can take up to six working days for some items at certain times of year. Larger items will take up to a seven working days from receipt and will usually be delivered by arrangement. Items bound for Guernsey and Sark are subject to shipping availability and can only be shipped once the shipping container is full. Guernsey items which are large and require a 2 man team to deliver will need a specific delivery date arranged with Guernsey Post in order for the delivery to your address. We do try our best to ship as soon as possible and aim to have at least one sailing a week into Guernsey.

For more complicated orders, very large orders, or orders consisting of multiple items from various retailers, we are more than happy to assist. Please contact us by emailing customer.service@ship2me.co.uk or by calling us on 0845 800 1034.

When you make a purchase from an EU or UK retailer who is unable to offer Channel Island delivery, either online, over the phone or at a shop, you need to give them your full name, followed by your unique Ship2me customer number and Ship2me UK warehouse address. These details are issued to you when you become a registered Ship2me customer and can be found by clicking on the 'My Account' button in the top right hand corner of the Ship2me website when you are logged in to the site.

Most online retailers ask for an invoice/billing address and a separate delivery address. You should use the following addresses:

  • Invoice/billing address: your usual home address
  • Delivery address: your unique Ship2me number and the Ship2me warehouse address.

Then, once you have made your purchase, you will need to log in to the Ship2me website and arrange delivery of your goods from the UK to your door using your Channel Island address.

Once your order arrives at the UK warehouse, we aim to deliver your goods to you within 3 working days. However, please note that all orders are subject to shipping times and Customs clearance.

Our new track and trace facilities that will be on the site soon, in the meantime please contact us if you want an update.

If you live in Jersey and Guernsey Ship2me will to deliver your goods to your door.

If you live in Alderney you will have to collect your item from the Huelin Renouf office on the quayside.

If you live in Sark or Herm, you will need to collect your item from our Guernsey depot, or arrange your own onward delivery to your door.

Ship2me will not unwrap, install or assemble your delivery.

We can deliver anything from shoes to sofas and pretty much everything in between.

Unfortunately there are some items that Ship2me is currently unable to deliver. You can find a list of these items here.

If your item is worth more than £5,000 please contact our customer service team on 0 845 800 1034 or customer.service@ship2me.co.uk to arrange your delivery. 

Not really. Apart from items we are unable to carry (see above), we can deliver anything, right up to large appliances and furniture. For more examples of delivery sizes and their prices, please click here. If you want to arrange delivery of something larger than a three-seater sofa, or if you have multiple items that need to be shipped, simply contact us via email customer.service@ship2me.co.uk and we will be able to give you a tailored quote. 

At Ship2me we accept goods from anywhere in the world. However, if ordering from outside of the United Kingdom, please be aware that taxes, levies or duties may be due in relation to the purchase and importation of your goods. It is your obligation as consignee, under clause 4.3 of our Terms & Conditions, to pay any and all charges, either at the time of purchase, or after subsequent delivery of your goods.

If we miss you when we try and deliver your goods, we'll leave you a card telling you how to contact us to collect your item or how to arrange redelivery. 

We deliver throughout the day Monday to Friday.

If your goods appear to have been damaged when they arrive in our UK warehouse, we'll give you a call to let you know, and to ask you what you would like us to do.

If your goods happen to get damaged after they are received by Ship2me, you may be able to claim against Ship2me for any costs directly attributable to that damage. However, your claim will be limited to the amount set out in our terms and conditions.

If your goods arrive damaged we will refuse the delivery. We have a lot of pride in delivering your items to you in perfect condition, if we notice any damage to either the packaging or product, we will refuse the delivery as once we sign for the goods we are held responsible for the items. 



Using the Ship2me service does not affect your statutory rights. However, any time period linked to a right to cancel an order will normally start when the item is delivered to the Ship2me warehouse and not when the item is delivered in Jersey or Guernsey. For further information, click here

In addition, you should be aware that Ship2me will usually charge you for the return of an item to the UK at 80% of the original delivery charge. However, we have an arrangement with Argos where we will return items purchased from Argos, free of charge. 

UK retailers are not legally obliged to refund VAT for purchases made by Channel Island residents who are then exporting the items back to the Channel Islands. However, UK retailers are often willing to consider giving a retrospective VAT refund when a consumer can demonstrate that an item has been exported from the UK to the Channel Islands..

In order to do this, certain documentation needs to be provided to the retailer and to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK.

If you would like to reclaim any VAT paid on your purchases, Ship2me may be able to assist and you should contact our Customer Service Team for further information on 0845 800 1034, or email customer.service@ship2me.co.uk 

The States of Jersey Customs and Immigration Service has published a guide for private importers of goods bought online or from retailers outside of Jersey. This guide provides advice to assist in the efficient Customs clearance of these goods.

It is important that all private importers of goods from outside of the Channel Islands understand the regulations surrounding GST and the circumstances in which it is payable.   From 28th May 2021, ship2me will no longer charge GST on your order, instead you will self-declare and pay GST on the goods you have ordered, directly on the Jersey Customs CAESAR system.

For the purposes of GST, States of Jersey Customs look at the total value of the consignment and whether the total GST and duty liabilities exceed the de minimis waiver. The total order consignment value includes:

- The cost of the actual item (including VAT if paid)
- Packaging costs
- All freighting/delivery charges from the retailer to Jersey
- Any insurance that was purchased or included by the retailer
- Plus any other associated Customs duties which may be applicable.

GST will be charged on the total sum of these values.

To help illustrate the regulations surrounding payment of GST on imported goods, here are some example scenarios:

Example 1
Chair £40 Including VAT
Retailer Carriage £20 Including VAT
Ship2me Carriage £55
Insurance £10
Total £125

As this total gives rise to a liability below the Jersey de-minimis level of £135, the GST charge is waived.

Example 2
Chairs (2) £600 Including VAT
Retailer Carriage £20 Including VAT
Ship2me Carriage £110
Insurance £10
Total £740

As this total gives rise to a charge above the Jersey de-minimis level of £135, GST is liable at 5% of the total order value (£740). In this instance, the customer would be liable for a GST charge of £37.00.

Please note; the GST de-minimis level changed to £135 on 1st October 2020.

Yes, we recommend that even if you are not planning on shopping or visiting the UK immediately, you should register for Ship2me through the website as we are unable to register customers over the phone.

Ship2me will only use the information you give us to provide the Ship2me service. Ship2me's privacy policy can be found here.

You should check the privacy policy and any applicable terms and conditions of any retailer from whom you are buying any products as their terms relating to your personal information may differ from Ship2me. In particular, if you are buying a television from a UK retailer, you should be aware that many UK retailers will automatically provide your personal details to TV Licensing who may then contact you directly if you do not already have a TV licence.

To ensure delivery of your items to the Channel Islands, all payments must be made online via the website when you arrange a delivery.

Ship2me is totally committed to delivering a quality service to our customers. We put the customer at the heart of all we do and view our customer’s satisfaction as the basis for our continued success and development.

We are proud of our high quality standards and whilst every effort is always made to safeguard your items whilst in our care, occasionally some may be lost or damaged. If you have cause for complaint in the first instance please contact Customer Services, on 0845 800 1034 (charged as a local call), for the relevant form to be forwarded to you.

Once completed please post to (there is no need to attach a stamp):

Ship2me Customer Services, Freepost JE714, Jersey Post, Postal Headquarters, JE1 1AF